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smithalums's Journal

Smith College Alumnae
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This is a place for alumnae of Smith College to gather and talk about the things that are important to them. To find out who is going to reunion this year, to share news about fellow alumnae and to keep in touch. There is a community smithies for current Smith students but a few of us felt the need for a place just for alumnae. Current Smithies are of course welcome but keep in mind the focus of this community is life after Smith. Announcements and questions specific to student life at Smith now should still go in the smithies community.

Since one of the stated purposes of this community is to keep in touch, I would like to invite everyone to post a little introduction.

Tell us
  • your name (or as much of your name as you want to share),
  • your name at Smith,
  • your class year,
  • what house you lived in,
  • and your favorite Smith memory.
Or post any subset of those details you'd like to share.